Learn To Grow Psilocybin Mushrooms In Only Two Hours!
Spore Syringe & All-In-One Grow Bag Included With Each Ticket
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Never Pay For Mushrooms Again!

Grow your own mushrooms, save money and have a good time doing it.

With the recent decriminalization of psilocybin in multiple Massachusetts cities now is an excellent time to learn about how easy growing shrooms can be!

Our classes teach everything that you need for home-grown magic tricks without any hassle or stress attached - just two hours from start to finish then off you go with all sortsa stuff including spores!
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Save Yourself Hundreds Of Hours
The cost of mushrooms is dropping, but the learning curve still exists. If you're looking to save money and time on your next adventure into fungidom then consider taking a class with an experienced instructor who can teach even beginners how get it right from day one!
Everything You Need To Know
The class will explore the life cycle of fungi, their role in our ecosystem and how they are grown from inoculation to harvest. Students also learn sterile technique and best practices while developing skills that can be used for any variety under cultivation with an emphasis on psilocybin mushrooms!
Everything You Need To Grow
Your ticket includes an all-in-one grow bag, a spore syringe, ALL the materials you create/inoculate during the class, AND a 25% discount on purchases of additional supplies the day of your class.  There has never been an easier way to start growing, book your seat now, classes are selling out quick!

Learn To Grow Mushrooms!

Date Of Class
10/02/2022 12-2PM Learn To Grow Mushrooms Class Ticket
10/02/2022 12-2PM Learn To Grow Mushrooms Class Ticket
10/09/2022 12-2PM Learn To Grow Mushrooms Class Ticket
10/16/2022 12-2PM Learn To Grow Mushrooms Class Ticket
10/23/2022 12-2PM Learn To Grow Mushrooms Class Ticket
10/30/2022 12-2PM Learn To Grow Mushrooms Class Ticket
11/06/2022 12-2PM Learn To Grow Mushrooms Class Ticket
11/13/2022 12-2PM Learn To Grow Mushrooms Class Ticket
11/20/2022 12-2PM Learn To Grow Mushrooms Class Ticket
11/27/2022 12-2PM Learn To Grow Mushrooms Class Ticket
12/04/2022 12-2PM Learn To Grow Mushrooms Class Ticket
12/11/2022 12-2PM Learn To Grow Mushrooms Class Ticket
12/18/2022 12-2PM Learn To Grow Mushrooms Class Ticket
12/25/2022 12-2PM Learn To Grow Mushrooms Class Ticket
01/04/2023 12-2PM Learn To Grow Mushrooms Class Ticket
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The time is now! With decriminalization of psilocybin mushrooms in multiple Massachusetts cities, it's never been easier or more convenient than right this minute. Whether you're looking for personal use; sharing with friends (or starting your own business); growing fungi at home has never taken so little effort on your part - and you'll be going home with all the supplies needed to start growing immediately after class is over.

The world of fungi is a vast and intricate one, with many lessons to teach. If you're interested in learning more about how mushrooms grow or what they can be used for then this class will introduce all aspects from inoculation through harvest- methods that ensure contamination doesn't set into your culture even if it happens by accident during preparation time!  With hands on work we'll cover every aspect involved so no matter where someone starts off their journey towards education they will succeed.

  • Includes one all-in-one grow bag, one spore syringe, all the materials you inoculate during the class, and a one time 25% discount on additional purchases the day of your class!
  • Please note there is a minimum attendance of 2 for a class to take place, a class will be rescheduled if less than 2 tickets are sold as of 24 hours before the class. You will be free to choose the date of reschedule most convenient to you, availability dependent.
  • BE AWARE:  This class involves working with needles and open flames, masks are required during certain parts for safety.
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Mushrooms. Mean. Money.
The global gourmet mushroom market is expected to grow 9% annually over the next five years. However, there are still few farms in New England area which means that Alums can take advantage of this demand with their expertise about how best to cultivate these delicious fungi!
Save Food Miles
Next time you're wondering why your food tastes so much better than what they serve at restaurants, it could be because the ingredients have been grown locally. The average distance an American's meal travels before being served is 1500 miles! This means that only those with sturdy enough foundations can survive such long commutes and still provide us delicious flavors in return; but by growing our produce close to home we ensure availability for everyone regardless of their location or preferences which creates new options otherwise impossible.
Food And Medicine Security
Modern Mycologist strives to empower people with the knowledge and skills necessary for agricultural innovation. The effects of climate change have increased food production needs, but traditional methods are becoming less effective as we head into an era where it will be difficult or impossible maintain them without significant changes in how society operates on a global scale
We must adapt!
Mushrooms are one of nature's most efficient recyclers.  Some mushrooms even have the ability to break down complex pollutants like oil and plastic. This makes them an important tool in the fight against pollution and climate change.  While mushrooms are often associated with dark, damp places, they can actually be found all over the world. In fact, there are an estimated 1.5 million species of fungi, with new ones being discovered all the time.
Gourmet Mushrooms Are Delicious & Nutritious
Mushrooms are a great source of protein and offer many health benefits. They're low in calories, high in nutrients like fiber that help keep you feeling fuller for longer than most foods on the market! By now everyone knows how good these little guys taste so it's no surprise more people want them around their diet or as an addition to existing meals - but did you know there is even evidence showing they can lower blood pressure? And boost our immune system too?!
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Growing Mushrooms Is Fun!
Growing mushrooms is like having a pet! You get to care for and guide your fungus through its life cycle. Plus, you can share them with friends or family members--growing together creates memories that last forever (and maybe some pretty amazing dishes too)!
Enough For You, Your Family & Friends Forever
Mushrooms Require Very Little Space

A 4'x4'x6' area can produce ~1,200 LBs of fresh mushrooms per year.  Mushrooms also require very little water relative to other foods.  With food costs forever rising mushrooms are a great way to save money and eat healthy.
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Why Learn With Us?
Team-Based Learning
Small Class Sizes
Equitable Instructor Time
Hands-On Exercises
Frequently Asked Questions
Have questions? We’re here to help
Can I Grow Psilocybin Mushrooms After Taking This Class?

Yes. You can grow nearly any type of mushroom after this class though there are certainly some species that are more challenging than others, and some that have yet to be cultivated "out of the wild".

Mycology is a relatively unexplored field and new discoveries are being made every day, maybe you will find a way to cultivate what was once thought to be impossible.

What Is Your Cancellation/Reschedule Policy?
Due to the material preparation requirements for the class all sales are final.  Rescheduling can be requested up to 7 days prior to your scheduled class to allow enough time for the slot to be filled.
What Else Is Included With My Ticket?
Every ticket includes an all-in-one grow bag, one spore syringe, and a 25% discount on any additional supplies purchased the day of your class.
Can I Take The Class With My (Insert Association Here)?

Certainly, growing mushrooms is a communal experience and sharing that knowledge with others is part of what makes it so special.

Which Cities Have Decriminalized?

As of the time of this writing Cambridge, Somerville, Northampton, and Easthampton.  Statewide decriminalization is expected to follow in the coming years.

Can I Start A Mushroom Business After Taking This Class?
Certainly, though we do not cover business management aspects in this class the skills learned could be applied to growing mushrooms at any scale.

Starting a farm or any other entrepreneurial endeavor is a challenging task, do not be mistaken this class is not an instant ticket to success.

As with any business much time, research, stress, and above all else luck is required for success, we can only guarantee that you will know how to grow mushrooms when you begin that journey.
What Is Your Mask Policy?
Masks are strongly encouraged as class takes place indoors in close proximity to others for hours at a time.  Some exercises that take place during the class do require wearing a mask for safety so as to not breathe particulates.
What are the parking and public transport option?
Street parking is available and there are parking lots nearby.  The Boston Gardener is located conveniently in Nubian square and accessible by various MBTA routes
What Our Alumni Are Saying
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Feeling Confident!
“Before I took Modern Mycologist’s mushroom growing class I had never grown anything and was scared to try.  My partner convinced me to give it a shot and I am so glad that I did!  The instructor was very helpful and made sure even a total beginner like me didn’t get lost.  Two harvests later and I couldn’t be happier, I have more than I need and have started gifting to friends!”
- Chris W.
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Not a Doubter Anymore!

“Our family is vegan and with the rising food costs it is becoming difficult to afford adequate sources of protein.  After learning to grow mushrooms we have a never ending supply right in the kitchen, we just cut off what we need when we need it.  Our kids have been the biggest fans, they are learning to grow now too!”

- Eden A.
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Works Well For My Problem

“Before I attended this class I was unsuccessful in gaining entry to a psilocybin clinical trial to treat my depression.  I had heard so many success stories but did not know anyone who grew and did not trust buying black market.  This class helped me secure my own supply and the results have been incredible!  I cannot recommend learning to grow enough.”

- David S.
Private Classes Available!

You can book an entirely private class for you and 5 friends, or for a small fee we can bring the party to you.

If you would like to book a private class at The Boston Gardener or a location of your choosing please contact us.

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